Underwater Sunshine Fest
April 5, 2019
New York, NY
Bowery Electric
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April 10th, 2012 The Counting Crows album, “Underwater Sunshine” premiered at #11 on the Billboard top 200 chart, #3 on the Billboard Top Rock and Top Independent Albums charts, and #4 on the Billboard Top Alternative Albums Chart. The album was envisioned, created and produced as a homage to brilliant songwriting and a heartfelt dedication to all of the amazing music that had influenced not only Adam Duritz, but generations of music lovers alike. In short, it’s a beautifully curated album that features Adam’s personal take on the music that has consistently inspired, influenced, and driven his love for music, and that is the exact spirit Underwater Sunshine Fest embodies.

The Festival itself is intended to be the next logical step in wanting to curate and produce an amazing, immersive music experience aimed at passionate music lovers. This new festival seeks to directly lift the same spirit from the original album and applying it to a brand new live event featuring the newest, brightest, independent music artists that Adam and the larger team of producers can find.

Beyond the curated talent and incredible performances, the event desires to create a warm, familial, fun, and comfortable in which attendees can feel free to fully immerse themselves in the music. Multiple stages, multiple genres, and an eclectic group of artists provide a tapestry of art and artistry that invite the attendees to go through their own journey of discovery – to curate and craft their own perfect experience, and hopefully find their next favorite band or artist or song.