Factory Man & The Standard


This week has been really great. I’ve written before about the ups and downs of my creative life and I am trying to remember that this week is an up. I’m enjoying it to its fullest!

The week kicked off on Monday night with a show at The Standard in the East Village. It was a really special show. Music curator Annie O does these showcases 2-3 times a month in the penthouse of the hotel to an enthusiastic crowd and soaring, windows-on-all-four-sides highline views. The series is called ‘Standard Sounds’. I’ve seen many of my idols play this series – from Domino Kirke to Big Thief and it was satisfyingly surreal to play there, myself. Here’s a little news piece up on the website.

I booked this show a few months ago so playing it was the fruit of a time-ripened branch. Many of the things I do arise from a sense of competition. I’m curious about how much this drives other artists. It’s a mixture of insecurity and hubris. Booking this show was right in line with that for me. I saw people doing it and thought ‘I can do that too.’ So I did.

Not to be flippant about it- it’s taken me years to get to this point where I (one) have the track record behind me to secure good shows, (two) have music videos and published work to show for my obsession with creating, and (three) the confidence and near-immunity to feelings of rejection born of the hundreds of times I’ve been turned down and the many times I’ve been lifted up. It takes time- time where you feel like a joke, time where you wonder if other people think you’re insane for committing so hard to something that looks intangible, time where you’re swimming upstream with the belief crystallized in your mind that there are calmer waters (and maybe even a boat or an island) ahead. I don’t think of myself as a patient person. It’s been hard to wait. But it would have been harder to give up. Even when it’s been difficult, I’m thankful that giving up has never felt like an option. To me, this career is an obsession. And it’s immensely gratifying to watch it grow.

The show was great. It’s always nerve-wracking when you’re waiting for the show to start – will people show up? I was a community musical theater actress in my youth (I still love all things musical theater with a passion) and the feeling before a show is a little bit like waiting in the wings before the play starts, peeking into the audience to see if anyone is there. There have been times when no one is there. When people show up, I appreciate it. I know what the other side of the coin feels like. This time, there were people! Quite a lot of people. Included was one of my favorite people, our label founder Kirk. That made the night all the more special.

We played a few new songs – some of the ones that will be on our next album – and that was really fun. It’s nice to have some new ones to play and I’m really excited about all of them so it made the night extra fun. I connected with people afterwards; I love that part. Getting to talk with people who liked the show. One friend named Clive showed up who’s been coming to shows since we started 4 years ago. It was really good to see him in the sea of new faces.

After the show we packed up quick, went to Brooklyn where we stayed with my brother (happy almost-birthday, Wyatt) and then drove back home the next morning.

Then, on Wednesday, our new music video for my song ‘Factory Man’ was released!

still from ‘Factory Man’


The next post will be all about the video. Behind the scenes and more!

Until then, watch the new video here! And let me know what you think <3