‘Factory Man’


My new music video is out! 

This is the first video that we’ve had made for us (Shawn and I made the other ones ourselves) and it shows. I feel like it really expresses the essence of my creative soul and the essence of this song, itself. I am so proud of it. I love it so much!

The video is for the song ‘Factory Man’ which is a favorite of mine. I wrote it about a man who is, above all else, an artist. I relate to this man. Maybe you will, too. The man in the song is modeled after someone I once knew peripherally. His story moves me. The song, ‘Factory Man’ is a portrait of him. A love letter to him. He is a complex man. Above all else, he is an artist. Through his art, he is able to transform and transcend his surroundings. This idea is one I hold dear. As an artist, I sometimes feel like I am not embodying my art as much as I would like to. Life happens. This song is a reminder that, no matter the circumstance, we can flourish. Our art lives inside of us and it goes wherever we go. It can never be taken away.

We made this video back in May. Our good friend Dee, who is the visual content manager of Blue Elan, came to our house in upstate NY and filmed it (she also edited and produced it). She is a legend. Making this video was wild. First of all, we built a set outside in the field out of bed sheets that I painted held together with dowels, string, and clothespins. I whittled the ends of the dowels with a girl scout knife that I found in the car, making them into stakes that we pushed into the ground with brute force. It was a memorable experience.

By the time we started filming (after about 3 hours of building) I was really exhausted. As we got ready to film the first take, the plan we’d mapped out for the video didn’t feel right to me. It was devastating to think we’d have to start again with so little time left to plan. Dee told me to use my feelings to propel the action of the fresh take. She said, ‘the way you feel about Factory Man right now – that is Factory Man! That’s what it’s all about! Feel it.’ Dee is a person on a higher plane. I fell in love with her all over again right then. I embodied my own frustration, pent up creative energy, and longing and we pretty much ad-libbed the scene. That was the video. Dee was right, in the end it was just what it was meant to be all along.

It turned out perfectly.

This video has been a long time in the making. I wrote the song 4 years ago. I released the song last year on my abum, Indigo. Right after, Shawn and I tried for months to make a video on our own. We shot different versions, we made plans, we really tried. But we couldn’t do it alone. Eventually we made a plan, but there were times it felt like this video would never be made. That’s all part of the journey of Factory Man, I guess. It’s almost fitting somehow. We made this video in May. It was released last week. It embodied the culmination of years of dreaming. 

We did a premiere last week on youtube and it was so much fun. I was able to watch it in real time and chat with the other people watching. It really felt good. I had gone to my in-laws’ house to watch it (shoutout to my second set of parents <3) and, on my drive home, I had a moment. There are always ups and downs when you’re building a career as an artist. This moment was an up. And I recognized it for the gift it was. I thought about all of the seeds that were planted to get to this point. All of the seeds that were watered. All of the work. All of the hopes. All of the dreams. All of the quiet certainty that I would someday be where I was. And the quiet certainty that I’ll someday surpass it. I felt like I was in the pocket. Like I had begun. Like I was on my way.