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    Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone far and near. Hope you eat lots of chocolate and give and receive LOVE with others and with yourself. And ask for help if and when you need it. I’m sharing my experiences with that in this week’s blog post. 💜💜💜 L in the B
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    lazy daisy. If I could lie in bed all day every day, I probably would. I think I do my best work here. Dreaming, writing, thinking. Let the others discover new lands and see the sights. I’ll be right here. Where’s your happy place?
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    Real life. Wearing a flower crown for a little photo shoot in front of the baby gate. Living my truth, you guys. . . . . . #flowercrown #artist #mother #woman #musician #roanyellowthorn
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    Thank you everyone for all of the birthday wishes! 28 was a really special year- I made a record, got signed, had a baby, kicked my fear of flying (I love flying now and in my 28th year flew to LA three times, New Orleans, Nashville, Canada, and Italy). On top of those tangible landmarks in time, I started to feel the true power of my ‘Saturn return’ this year. In many minute and larger ways, I’ve felt myself become more... myself. It feels good. And I can’t wait to see what 29 will bring. Feeling very thankful for everything and everyone that I have in my life. 🌕 . . . . . . . . #reflections #portrait #29andfeelingfine #roanyellowthorn
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    Looking over at my bb 💗
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    A few weeks ago I started a blog as a creative outlet. It’s become a place where I share details about my life and explore thoughts and feelings. Today I wrote about how I constantly compare myself to other people - especially other female artists - and how it began as a way to torture myself with envy and has become a means to prove to myself that my goals are attainable as well as a tool that helps me clarify what my career goals really are and what it really is I want. (Not gonna lie, though, I still pretty regularly go mad with jealousy). Link in bio.
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    We can finally announce some big news. We are going on tour! The Lonely Hearts Tour will bring us to the southern US this February with @chelseawilliamsmusic! Very excited to have this opportunity and I hope to see you all at a show! . . . . . @blueelan @shawn_strack @mhall12901 #tour #announcement #lonelyhearts #live #music #southern #us #february #2019 #female #musicians #indigo
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    Little re-introduction for the noobs: we are Roan Yellowthorn. I made the name up for myself as a singer/songwriter and, shortly thereafter, Shawn joined in by being a kick-ass producer, videographer, filmmaker, multi-instrumentalist, and the only one who can translate my synesthesia into understandable language. Since we’ve become a full-fledged duo, our music has started us on in incredible journey and has become a new way for us to connect, even giving us a new understanding and appreciation of each other (when we aren’t arguing over drum parts and musical ideology). You’ve seen a lot of my face on here but I want to re-introduce Roan Yellowthorn as we are. A duo. With me writing the songs, singing, and playing keyboard, and Shawn doing literally everything else including making all of our music videos, playing a million instruments, producing our music, and being my emotional support. We wouldn’t be where we are today without Shawn’s hard work and dedication to the dream. And I’m pretty damn happy with where we are. . . . . . . . @shawn_strack @blueelan #music #indie #duo #diy #couple #band #powercouple #special #roanyellowthorn
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    This weekend we made a music video in one day from start to finish. So glad I am in a band with a pro video editor (Shawn) so we can do these things. He was v excited because I had to fold laundry in one of the scenes and I think he purposefully shot that scene like a million times. I guess you gotta take full advantage of the one time ever that you can tell me to fold laundry and I won’t tell you to do it your damn self. Jkjk ❤️ u Shawn. . . . . . . . . #indie #art #music #video #duo #roanyellowthorn @blueelan
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    We filmed some scenes with #paint for a #music video today and now I really need to take a shower
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    Just a quick PSA that I am surviving the winter but have decided to take up residence on my couch for the remainder of it. Whose with me? Also I am writing a bunch of new songs (from the couch, of course), recording scratch tracks, and trying to get Shawn to put away his laundry (it’s taking up my couch-living space). Today I’m going to start making a music video- let’s see how much of that I can do without moving. Maybe Shawn will just do it for me. @shawn_strack? . . . . . . #winter #lazy #couch #life #yellow #scrunchie #music #artwork #creative #moves #indie #duo #home
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    I found this picture looking through old things. It was taken when I was 17. That summer I thought a lot about what life would be like in the real world, without the shelter of parents and school. I had passionate ideals, a strong sense of what was right, and faith the I would find my path if I followed my heart. I try to make this 17 year old proud. I may be following an unconventional path but it’s the only one I know how to travel. Looking into the eyes of this girl, of myself 10 years ago, I can tell her honestly: as long as I am still breathing, I will follow my heart and I will never give up on my dreams. . 📸 @sethcbrown . . . . #2019 #new #year #same #me