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    You guys I just started a blog and the first post is up right now! It would mean the world to me if you read it and let me know what you think. I’m hoping this can be another way for me to connect on a deeper level with you all. I love to write (hence the songwriting) and I’ve been wanting to start a blog for like 5 years so I’m feeling pretty proud that I finally did it. Link in bio! . . . . #new #blog #announcement #soimportant #music #story #storytime #life #journey #female #women #artist
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    Hey NY friends! Excited to announce this GIVEAWAY! We are playing a show with @carastorrr on Dec 23rd at @mercuryloungeny in NYC and you can enter to win a pair of tickets! Just comment or tag a friend below. Either option will enter you into the running. Good luck and hope to see you there! 🎁 . . . #giveaway #tickets #free #show #concert #sweepstakes @blueelan #nycmusic #music #concert #indie #band #female #artists #mercurylounge #entertowin #roanyellowthorn @shawn_strack
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    Turning ‘Don’t Back Down’ into a full-on female anthem with these badass women @amyewilcox, and @mustangsofthewest (and @shawn_strack) at the @blueelan studio day in @clearlakerecording with producer @davedarling1. Ten hours of pure joy making music with some of the most talented amazing people and hanging out with our BE fam. Best day ever. So thankful to @kirk_pasich for being a true dream-maker and making this dreamer’s dreams come true over and over again. #northhollywood #hollywood #la #california #bestdayever @hollymontgomerymusic @aubrey_richmond @gtrgrapher
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    When @shawn_strack and I met, I was 20 and he was 25. We connected over Blink 182 and our love of highbrow/lowbrow media. Actually, I thought he was creepy when I first met him. He was a graduate student and the only one who lived on campus and hung out with undergrads. We had friends in common and one day I was saying goodbye to the group and kissed a friend on the cheek. He asked me to kiss him on the cheek, too. For some reason, I did it. That was 7 years ago. We did not know each other as musicians when we met. That developed later on - a new dimension in our partnership. We are learning and growing together all the time and having some pretty cool experiences along the way. When I started writing songs and needed someone to play drums, he bought a kit and learned. When I needed someone to produce the album I wrote, he learned how to edit music on #logic and produced our whole album over 6 months. He books many of our shows, sets up our equipment, makes posters for our events, made our award nominated music video, is my emotional support dog, and is a pretty good lookin’ date. Love you, Shawn 🙂
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    You guys! comment something you want me to vlog about and I’ll do it. Don’t make me decide this on my own.
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    Our first nomination for a music award! Very stoked. 😭 we spent months planning this shoot and it was one of the most fun days ever. Thank you to all of the people who worked so hard to make this happen! Shout out to the beautiful women who danced @tiffanycinar @alziepalzie @alexnlindsay @wildspirit_lotus and @tahjbennett 💗
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    Sometimes I like to photoshop sunsets into my photos so I can pretend I’m on a tropical island outside instead of in my kitchen in the freezing dead of winter.
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    I realized I’ve never really done an introduction post about me so if you are new to my page, here is a little about me: I am 28 years old, my sign is Aquarius, Grimes is my muse and all of my bad hair decisions have been due to the fact that I thought I’d look as cool as she does with her cool hairstyles. I am a songwriter and musician, signed to @blueelan records, my debut album is called Indigo and came out in September. The drummer in my band is my partner, Shawn. He also produced our entire ‘Indigo’ album. We live in upstate NY on a big piece of land with a shih tzu named Ham and two small red-headed children. Before I became addicted to my phone, I liked to read classic novels, draw, and study theories about the creation of the universe. Now I mostly waste time on Reddit and Instagram. Please feel free to say hi so I can get to know you better and stay tuned for more updates from the farm🌙
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    Hustling like a madwoman to create the reality I dream of. It’s more fun with you by my side @shawn_strack #fortheloveofmusic #music #maker #dream #chaser #partnerincrime
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    Living in a ❄️ 🌍 . #winterwonderland #snow #winter #world #myhouse #itsnowed #lastnight #somuch #welcometomyworld #cold
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    In Nashville! 🎸 staying for less than 24 hours but for good reason - recording a single with the amazing @richredmond and @mikekhitz. Crazy to think that I wrote this song two years ago in the barren wasteland of Connecticut (not saying the entirety of CT is a barren wasteland but the part we lived in was) and now it’s brought me here! Stay tuned guys 💙 . . . . . . . #music #recording #nashville #musiccity #singer #songwriter #country #altcountry #indie #artist @blueelan @shawn_strack
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    He always looks at me like this 📷 @salimatuamabebe . . . . . . . . @shawn_strack @hotelindigoles @blueelan #bed #hotel #whitesheets #hotelindigo #music #partners #indie #pop #rock #nyc #newyork #lowereastside #bleekerstreet #ludlow #style #greenwichvillage #art #portrait #couplegoals #indigo #roanyellowthorn #allamerican