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    Saturday night was 🌟
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    Coolest couple of the year? I vote yes.
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    Just a couple-a dorks
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    So excited to announce that we are are doing a direct-to-vinyl recording session with @leestavall in Brooklyn NY this May! ⚡️ We will be making one-of-a-kind recordings captured on the coolest of all media: vinyl. It’s kind of like the musical version of a Polaroid. ⚡️ We’re doing this for you! So you gotta preorder! You’ll get a unique one-of-a-kind vinyl record from this session by following the link in my bio and choosing the song you want us to record. And we’ll do it just for you. We can even personalize it and say a message before the song. It will be the only copy in the world - unique, analog, and very cool. And the best part is you can chose from any song we have published and even a few rarities like ‘Child in Chief’, ‘As Long As Water Runs, and ‘Two Children’. ⚡️ Now go preorder! It only takes a minute. And it’s available for a limited time only so go for it. Support art and support your friends and get cool stuff in the mail!⚡️
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    What bands are you really into lately? Right now I’m very much obsessed with @sunflowerbean. Also the music of @billy_steinberg. He has written the craziest assortment of amazing songs from ‘like a virgin’ to ‘not gonna get us’ (by Tatu) to ‘eternal flame’ by the bangles and a million more. How bout you? What are you listening to? Let me know!
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    Being very lazy, I’m kind of a couch connoisseur. This was a quality couch.
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    In ‘the zone’ in Memphis! I’m obsessed with true crime podcasts lately and it’s making me feel like everyone is a potential murderer. Kind of exciting, kind of not. Who’s with me!?
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    In this pic I bet Shawn just made a joke and I’m pretending it’s funny. Jk Shawn!!! We had so much fun I wish our tour with @chelseawilliamsmusic could have lasted forever. And now it kind of can because we are releasing one video from the tour per week from here on out! First one is up now on youtube and fb and is from the very first night at the very first show in Nashville TN at @littleharpethbrewing ⚡️⚡️enjoy! And let me know what you think!
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    Can’t believe the Lonely Hearts Tour with @chelseawilliamsmusic is complete! When can we do it again? 💙⚡️ Thanks to @sugardaddymolinares for the sweet pic! Ps Chelsea and Ross are playing in NYC at @themckittrick tonight at 10:30- don’t miss it!
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    Vitamins. Healthy food. So important, especially when traveling!
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    Played our last show of the Lonely Hearts tour with @chelseawilliamsmusic tonight! We had such a wonderful time - so many adventures. Nashville, Knoxville, Lexington, Athens, Memphis, Durham, and Staunton. Played in big theater, a living room, an underground cavern, and a whole lot more. So much fun. And so much Kid Rock. Loved every minute 💙 already looking forward to the next one!