Goals for 2019

Thinking about goals…

Since it’s almost the new year, here’s a quick post about my goals for 2019 and a recap of the things I’m proud of having done in the year 2018!

Music Goals

  1. Play music festivals (SXSW, and international festivals)
  2. Get a manager. We manage ourselves here at Roan Yellowthorn enterprises and, after talking with a good friend about it, I realized that having a good manager will really help to take some of the pressure off of tasks that we spend a lot of energy on. Mainly, we book most of our shows right now and it would be really helpful to have a manager who knows other managers so that we can tour and play with other artists and thus have more impactful performances and expand our fan base. Level up!
  3. Make some more music videos. More specifically, I want to make music videos that really adhere to my own visions. We made a video for my song ‘Lie’ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SNQzZr7Tpeg and it was really exactly what I had imagined in my mind. Also we did it in just one take (although it took time before to make the whole plexiglass frame – thanks Shawn) and it was very satisfying and I love that video. On the other hand, we did a video for the song ‘Talk About It’ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3HSJEDlOGFY and it took a ton of preparation and time but was very different from the original idea I had. Even though we spent SO MUCH time setting it up and editing it (thanks Shawn) I still regret that we didn’t do what I initially had envisioned, which was a video in one shot of me dancing badly in my underwear in the middle of an empty room. Lesson learned: follow your instincts.
  4. Collaborate more with other artists. This kind of dovetails with goal #2 but I would like to also write with other artists, write for other artists, and work with more producers. We just recorded a single with Rich Redmond and Mike Krompass and that was really fun! When it’s all mixed and everything I’ll write more about that.
  5. Put out more music. I have a lot more songs that I’m excited to work on. As part of my Christmas present, Shawn is recording all of my new songs in our little home studio set-up so that we can listen to them and start figuring out where to go with them, sonically. After talking with our team at Blue Elan, I think we might put out a series of singles instead of a complete album like last time. I’ll probably approach it kind of like an album but doing singles helps with impact and also with the Spotify algorithm (which, apparently, is shaping shit these days). Either way, I’m very excited. The whole process of putting out new music is so much fun and very therapeutic and I’m really excited about it.
  6. Enjoy the process. I am usually very endgame-oriented. This is a blessing because it helps motivate me to complete projects, but it’s also a curse because it means I don’t always stay tuned into the process. In 2019, I want to enjoy the process. That’s all that life is anyway, right?

Personal Goals

  1. Spend more time with friends. I am isolated a lot of the time and I want to spend more time with friends in 2019.
  2. Spend more time working on projects. This seems like it conflicts with the previous goal, but what I mean is that I want to spend my time alone more wisely. Currently, I waste a lot of my free time on stupid Instagram or other internet blackholes. In 2019, I resolve to spend free time doing things that will make me feel accomplished and proud. Like working on the various writing and creative projects that I’ve started (writing a play, creating a Netflix series, making a graphic novel, writing new songs).

One more. I forgot to add this one. It’s a musical goal and it’s important. My final musical goal is to become a better musician. I am naturally talented at singing and writing but I am undisciplined when it comes to learning new things and I learned just enough piano to get by so I am a mediocre piano player, at best. I am done with being mediocre. I am going to be a great piano player. I am going to work harder at being a musician. At mastering my instruments and at having better stage presence. Enough messing around. Time to get real.

Looking back at 2018

Ok, 2018 was a year of many new experiences and breakthroughs. Here are some of the things I did that make me proud to think about:

  1. Got Signed I got signed to my dream record label, Blue Elan Records. I am very proud of this. More info in the video I made about the process on YouTube
  2. Released my first full-length album. This took an insane amount of work but paid off in many ways (like getting us signed). Read more about the process of making our album, Indigo, here.
  3. Crushed my fear of flying. I became terrified to fly about five years ago, right after Shawn and I got married. I later found out that it’s not uncommon for people to suddenly become afraid of flying after a major life event. Before this fear came on, I was a very frequent flier and, once it took hold of me, I did not fly for FIVE WHOLE YEARS. At the beginning of 2018, I decided that I was going to be done with this dumb fear and that 2018 was going to be the beginning of a new era of traveling, adventure, and fun. I followed through on that and, in 2018, I flew to New Orleans, NYC, LA (three times), Nashville, and Italy. And now I really enjoy flying again. It’s a time when I can watch anything I want (hi, Bachelor) and not feel guilty one little bit. I might get a little anxious leading up to a flight but, once I’m on the jetbridge, I’m like ‘let’s do this, bitches!’ I am very proud of overcoming this fear and not being limited. I am UNLIMITED!
  4. Made two music videos. Shawn and I planned, produced, edited, and, in the case of ‘Talk About It’, filmed two music videos. Shoutout to Matt Hall for filming ‘Lie.’ So proud of these works of art! Very proud of them both.
  5. Wrote a bunch of new songs. 
  6. Recorded a country single in Nashville. More on this later but it was really fun and I’m excited to see where it takes me.
  7. Played shows with some other musicians. Colin Devlin, Car Astor, and a tour in the works with Chelsea Williams. Yay.
  8. Did a New England tour (summer 2018)
  9. Planned and booked a 10-day tour to take place in 2019. Thanks, Shawn, for being a boss and booking so many sweet shows.
  10. Put on a really fun album-release party in September in our hometown with a red carpet, sweet merch, and theme drinks. Thank you, Shawn, for doing almost all of it.
  11. Crafted a new website (Thank you, Dave Muhr!)
  12. Got sweet new logos and merch (Thank you Emily Montagno!)
  13. Developed strong bonds with our team at Blue Elan Records. I love every one of these people.
  14. Prioritizing my dreams. I am proud of this. I am proud that I am prioritizing my dreams, goals, and desires. Proud that I am chasing after the things I want. Proud that I am seeking out opportunities that I crave, connecting with people that I admire, and honoring my own worth as an artist and creative spirit even when it’s not the easiest option and takes effort to do. Proud that I am pushing through obstacles to achieve my goals – to be a successful artist, both in a practical and metaphysical sense.
  15. Shawn. Lastly, but not leastly, I am proud to have a partner who does all of these things with me, who believes in this dream and works on it just as intensely as I do. Who has innovative ideas, a crazy work-ethic, and a preternatural ability to use technology in ways I never imagined or could emulate in order to create music and videos that turn sights and sounds I had only seen in my own mind into reality. Have I mentioned that I didn’t know he could play multiple instruments or produce music until years after we’d gotten together? It had to be destiny. And, on top of all that, he’s a damn good partner. Proud of you, Shawn!

That’s all for this time. Hope you all had a wonderful holiday and that you have the best 2019, filled with joy, adventure, and love. Leave me a note in the comments to share your goals for the new year and some things from 2018 that made you proud! We got this!