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Jackie McLean of Roan Yellowthorn: Being An Individual

Roan Yellowthorn is beautiful representation of being an individual. It has this flamboyance and brightness draws your attention, which is exactly its purpose. Singer-songwriter Jackie McLean, daughter of Don McLean, wanted to forge her own path and her own name. And at times, it was a struggle to break from her famous last name. While still carrying on the musical and artistic tradition of her legacy, she is setting herself apart and doing amazing things with her gifts. Her whimsy, charm and opinions make everything real and raw.

The lovely frontwoman of Roan Yellowthorn took a few minute to sit and chat with us. Enjoy!

Lemonade Magazine: Hey Jackie! Thanks for taking the time to chat with us. How is it going?

Jackie McLean: Hey guys! It’s going really well! We’ve been in a mixing vortex this past month- working hard on finishing up our new album and enjoying the last of summer. Basically living the dream!

LM: Awesome! Could you tell us a little about the origins of Roan Yellowthorn?

JM: Ya! I came up with the name ‘Roan Yellowthorn’ in college with the idea of changing my name to something more whimsical. That never happened, but I kept it in the back of my mind because I loved the sound of the words. Then, a few years ago when I started writing songs and performing regularly, I needed some kind of alter ego. I was toying with a few different ideas and my partner Shawn [Strack] suggested ‘Roan Yellowthorn.’ It was perfect!

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