Music Videos


Something that’s been making me really happy lately is that we have two new music videos and they are both perfect.

It’s funny- music is technically auditory but it’s so visual, too. Music conjures images. Images are so closely related to emotion. Images can be so evocative. To have a really good visual for a song elevates it exponentially. It brings it to the place it should be.

That’s how I feel about both of our new music videos. I am so thankful for them. I know firsthand how hard it is to make a music video. Before these ones, Shawn and I made a few on our own. That experience was a challenge. We did it, anyway. And we learned a lot. But I had been aching for the day that we’d have a collaborator. A director. An editor. A filmmaker. Someone with an artist’s eye.

Luckily, we got all of that in one person and she made both of our new music videos with us. The difference is night and day. These new music videos convey elements of the songs, of the mood, of the emotion, that could only be conveyed visually – with color, movement, light. They’re more than a compliment to the songs. They’re like a gold bezel. The jewel is nice on its own, but, set into a gold bezel, the jewel becomes something larger than the sum of its parts. It becomes contextualized. Elevated.

We made both of these videos in the same weekend and they feel kind of like cousins to me. They’re related. There are pieces that overlap between them. They are of the same ‘Indigo’ universe. There is the theme of the color blue. There is the woods and fields. There is a one-shot aesthetic. There are flashes of light. They are very different, too. ‘Factory Man‘ has a reveal-ending. It has a set. ‘Indigo‘ is brighter. It’s like a mini-movie. They were both so much fun to make.

There are so many steps to creating music. There’s the writing. There’s the recording. There’s the making of the actual album. There’s the performing. And then, with a little luck, there’s the music video. Somehow it encapsulates all of the other parts. To me, these videos make the song feel finished. Considering I wrote each of these songs about 4 years ago, it’s really gratifying to feel like they’re finished now.

I love them both. I hope you do, too.