Out of The Woods


Things have been really cooking over here lately. In personal news, I moved last week from a house in the middle of the woods to a house in a neighborhood. I’ve always had this idea in my head that I either wanted to live in a big city or in the middle of the woods; a neighborhood never felt like an option. But the isolation of the woods was getting to me. The closest town was about 20,000 people; not exactly a big city. But we decided to give it a shot. We sold our house easily (with only about 100 hours of packing involved) and bought another one, this time in town. We are all moved in as of a few days ago and I’ve got to say: I love it! I like being around people, I like that neighbors drop by to bring welcome-to-the-neighborhood-cookies, I like that I can walk places. I like that I don’t have to drive so much. I like people. I like being around people. I love nature, but I like to share it with others. Also I have fast internet now, which is really useful. I feel like I’ve re-entered society. Like I’m part of a community. I feel more connected. I like that. 

In music news, we have had a lot going on! So much that the whole moving process didn’t even feel like the main focus of life. We played a show at the iconic Annie O Standard Sounds series at the Standard Hotel in NYC, we released a new music video for my song ‘Factory Man,’ (I’m obsessed with this video) I was a guest on a podcast, I played an impromptu concert on a friend’s livestream, I’m keeping up with my blog by posting every Thursday, we’re booking lots of new shows, and we just got some really exciting news (I’ll be able to announce that soon!)

This month we’re playing some great shows – in Saratoga SpringsNYC, and Boston, and we’re working on a LOT of new music. And when I say a lot I mean a lot. If you haven’t followed us yet on Spotify, make sure you do so that you hear all the new stuff when it comes out!

And one more thing: coming up this month is the one year anniversary of our ‘Indigo’ album! This means so much to me because ‘Indigo’ means so much to me. All of the connections I’ve made with all of you through ‘Indigo’ means so much to me. So this birthday has me feeling pretty nostalgic and proud. And, in honor of the big day, we have some special things going on! For one, we are releasing a new music video that you are going to love. Our friend D’Andree Galipeau, who made the Factory Man video, made this one for us and it’s nothing short of phenomenal. I can’t wait for you to see it!

In honor of the anniversary, we’re launching a fun little giveaway to say thank you to everyone who has been there with us on this journey so far! We will be giving away a signed CD and a special book. Which book, you ask? Well, as you may know, many of my songs spring from my own emotions. I use writing as a form of therapy. And sometimes I go to actual therapy. And sometimes I read self-help books about emotional well-being. One that I have loved is called ‘Healing Your Emotional Self.’ It really helped me sort through my emotions and start to heal lingering traumas. I hope that you win this book. And I hope that it helps you like it helped me. Sending love to you all and I hope to see you at a show!