Press Roundup

Hi, friends!

Doing something a little different this week. Since it’s Thanksgiving and I’m feeling too lazy to write a real post, here is a little roundup of the recent press we’ve gotten! Let me just say, I’m proud of each of these pieces because it’s no easy task getting press coverage. I thankfully I have a lovely team around me and have built personal relationships through the years with some incredible writers and publications who are gracious enough to cover me. Thankful for that!

Most of these pieces are about the two holiday singles we released this month; a cover of Joni Mitchell’s ‘River‘ which features my labelmate Car Astor, and a cover of the classic ‘I’ll Be Home For Christmas‘ accompanied by Ty Bailie. We reinvented both of these songs to make them super sad. I like sad songs. They’re also pretty sparse and raw. I like that, too. I love them both.

The first press item is an essay I wrote about my experiences with motherhood and music, and how they’re very much intertwined in my life story. I wrote this essay over a week or two. Usually, I write things in one draft and then I consider them done but for this essay, I really took some time and wrote multiple drafts. I really wanted to make sure I was saying exactly what I wanted to say. And I wanted to make sure I knew what I was trying to say in the first place. I’ve said this before but one of the guiding quotes in my life is ‘when the thoughts are clear, the words will follow’ (paraphrased from ancient orator Cato the Elder). I drew on this wisdom for this essay. I’m really proud to have it published in Talkhouse because Talkhouse is literally one of my favorite online magazines. They feature essays and interviews from some of the most interesting working musicians of our current era. It’s truly an honor to be included! And for a little behind-the-scenes info, I’ll let you know that I took the website’s bio picture of myself with a tripod in my bedroom literally the morning the piece was published. All part of the life.

Read the whole essay here


The second item is a beautiful, thorough write-up about the two new singles we recently released as well as an interview and information about upcoming projects. I love this piece. It was so enjoyable talking with the writer on the phone – we genuinely had a really wonderful conversation together about music and ideas and inspiration. And the piece is so thoughtful and beautifully written. Such a gratifying experience. I’ve been in touch with the Vinyl District from the beginning of my career – they’ve done three other pieces on my work. I really enjoy having ongoing relationships with people. It’s a special thing.

Read the whole article here


Additionally, my singles were included in a Guitar Girl piece about the holiday singles that my labelmates and I are releasing this season. I love being part of this crew. It makes me feel so proud! And the playlist that the story links to is fire!

Read it here


And then there was a nice little piece on NYS Music that included upcoming tour dates and some great info

Read it here


And a lovely press release in Broadway World!

Read it here


So thankful to have these write-ups! It feels great to know that the music is getting out into the world! Fly little birds, fly.


If all of this is making you curious, listen to the singles yourself here (‘River’ feat. Car Astor) and here (I’ll Be Home)!


And check out this little playlist I made of songs I’m loving lately and always


Happy Thanksgiving!! <3