Recording in LA

Hey guys!

Thought I’d do a little post about my recent trip to LA.

Every December, our label Blue Elan Records brings out all of the artists for a holiday party and studio day. This trip was my second year going and it was so much fun! One of the great things about the studio day (aside from the donuts) is that all of the artist collaborate. It’s an organic process and some really cool combinations happen. Last year at the holiday party I ended up recording a duet with Car Astor. That single, our cover of Joni Mitchell’s River, was released recently this year.

I recorded some more duets at this years holiday party and I can’t wait for you to hear them! Here are some pictures from the weekend.

having fun in the photobooth at the party

recording group vocals at Clear Lake studio with The Mustangs of The West!

singing with Bob Gentry

more group vocals

hanging in the studio with Scott Terry of Red Wanting Blue

with Bob Gentry and Kirk at the Blue Elan office 

with Bob Gentry!


Loved spending time in some of my favorite places with some of my favorite people doing what we love.

Not pictured is the full day that Shawn and I spent in our hotel room watching Mad Men. You gotta have a balance, you know what I mean?

Listen to this playlist while you read!