Revisiting Goals for 2019

Hi, guys!

So, last December I wrote a blog post all about the goals that I had for 2019. Now that 2019 is coming to a close in a few weeks, I think it’s a good time to revisit those goals and see how I’m doing. I’ve been thinking about success a lot lately and I’ve pretty much decided that goals are an important part of feeling (and thus being) successful. So, in the spirit of following that through, here goes!


“Play music festivals (SXSW, and international festivals)”

– Well, we crushed this one! I am going to play SXSW in March of 2020! Really proud of this one. I feel so proud that this is happening. It’s been a goal for a loooong time. We applied through the website and were selected out of kind of thousands of applicants so I’m pretty psyched.

“Get a manager”

– Still working on this one. But I am expanding my team in other similar ways (more on that later!)

“Make some more music videos. More specifically, I want to make music videos that really adhere to my own visions.

-I would say that we KILLED this goal because we have two new music videos out that I am actually obsessed with. One is for my song ‘Factory Man‘ and one is for ‘Indigo.’ I love these videos more than I can describe. I wrote about the making of here if you want some behind the scenes 411! (and another post about the inception process here)

“Collaborate more with other artists. This kind of dovetails with goal #2 but I would like to also write with other artists, write for other artists, and work with more producers.”

– I have been doing this! Since I wrote my 2019 goal list, I’ve gone on tour with Chelsea Williams and just last weekend I was in LA and recorded two duets with some of my FAVORITE performers of literally all time. And last month I released a cover of the song ‘River‘ that I recorded with Car Astor. I also have dates blocked out to work with one of my idols in February on our new album. So I feel like I’m definitely slaying this goal.

Put out more music.”

– I am 100% killing this goal. So far this year, I’ve released two holiday singles – a cover of ‘River‘ and a cover of ‘I’ll Be Home for Christmas‘ And in 2020, I am set to release… if I’m counting correctly… 27 new songs. So I’m feeling amazing about that.

Enjoy the process.”

– I am still working on this one. It’s a fun one to work on.

“Become a better musician.”

– still a work in progress. I think I am getting better at piano.


[In conclusion]:

I think I have really achieved the goals I set for myself last year. I’m actually surprised by the degree to which I am achieving. I’m feeling pretty proud about it right now. Looking back at this list and writing down the things I’ve done in service of these goals is making me feel good. It’s helping me to internalize the feelings of pride. I can see on paper that I’m moving forward! Good job, Jackie!


Goals for 2020:

This wouldn’t be a proper goal post if it didn’t include goals for the year ahead. Here they are:

  1. Get a booking agent
  2. Play at least 4 more music festivals
  3. Increase streaming numbers (at least 20k monthly spotify streams)
  4. Increase youtube subscribers (at least 1k)
  5. Increase instagram followers (at least 7k)
  6. Release a new batch of music videos I love
  7. Tour with other artists
  8. Write with and for other artists
  9. Get reviewed (favorably) in Pitchfork
  10. Write for other outlets
  11. Get a recurring music column
  12. Have my music mentioned in NYLON
  13. Have my music mentioned (favorably) on NPR
  14. Sell out a ticketed show
  15. Play on a TV show

There! These are my goals for 2020. A happy healthy new year to you and yours and may you pursue your goals with courage and intention!

Listen to this playlist while you read 🙂