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Album Review: Roan Yellowthorn, ‘Indigo’

Roan Yellowthorn, the duo of Jackie McLean and Shawn Strack, are one of the newest bands to set up shop in Plattsburgh, N.Y. The couple first met at Bard College and have been playing music together for several years. Recently, boutique LA label Blue √Član Records added Roan Yellowthorn to its eclectic roster and released their latest album, Indigo.

It must be mentioned that McLean is the daughter of famed “American Pie” singer-songwriter Don McLean. There’s a catch-22 when writing about the scion of a famous person: Jackie McLean’s lineage can’t be ignored, yet DNA alone doesn’t illuminate anything about her own music. So why mention it at all? At the very least, it’s a fun fact.

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