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TVD Premiere: Jackie McLean, “Child in Chief”

“I used to look at old pictures of the ’60s and ’70s and wish that I could be part of a revolution. I guess what I didn’t understand then is that a revolution comes in response to an evil that is equally compelling.”

“A revolution does not exist in a vacuum. There is unrest and fear and anger. In the best case scenario, a beautiful flower of resistance blossoms in response. But look at what surrounds the flower. Right next to it there is the threat of war, the threat of annihilation, the threat of loss, of imprisonment, of chaos. There cannot be one without the other. I’m learning that now. We have entered an altered state where everything that was once seemingly untouchable is now vulnerable to destruction and dismantlement; our environment, our human rights, our protections, basic decency, democracy, civilization, itself.

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