Timeline of a Single

I always feel better about everything when I have new music coming out. I’m feeling good lately because I have a lot of new music coming out. I released a new single, ‘River,’ last week, and next week I’m coming out with another single. There are periods of time when new music is not coming out. That’s usually because it’s not ready yet. Music has a life cycle, just like any living thing. There’s an incubation phase, and an emergence. The life cycle can be very short, with a quick maturity rate, or it can be very long, with months or years passing before a song is ready to be born.

For ‘River,’ the life-cycle began almost exactly one year ago. I’ve always loved Joni Mitchell, and especially this song. I can remember listening to it as a child and thinking about what it would feel like to skate away from everything. I knew a little bit about Joni Mitchell’s life and always thought that the pain she alluded to in the song was related to the child she placed for adoption. I don’t know if that’s really the case, but the thought added a powerful element for me as a listener.

In November of 2018, Shawn and I were getting ready to go to our first Blue Elan holiday party. Since it’s becoming a tradition for my label to host recording sessions on the second day, I knew I’d have the chance to record a holiday song. I chose this one because I love it and it happens to work as a holiday song. It references Christmas, but, at the same time, it’s evergreen.

In December 2018 I recorded it (more about that process here)

Throughout 2019, I thought about the recording a few times but it was on the back-burner because I was working actively on a lot of other things.

In the beginning of September this year we started thinking about artwork. I had a picture from 2018 taken by my friend Sarah Valliancourt that fit with the theme so we went with that.

My label team got the song queued up to be released on Spotify and in late September I received a notification about the impending release. Exciting!

After that I wrote a blog post, some copy for my email newsletter, and recorded a little video to post talking about the process of recording and giving a little background on the song.

On November 1st I posted the blog, saw a version of the email newsletter, viewed a Facebook post using the promo video, and heard the release on Spotify for the first time!

Since then, I’ve been reaching out to music outlets letting them know about the new release and enjoying the feeling of having something new in the world – a little butterfly, finally emerged!

Ps Happy Birthday Joni <3

Listen the single here. ¬†Thank you all for giving it a spin! Here’s a special playlist to listen to while you read these blog posts: